Paris Film Academy Awards

About the PFA Awards

We have the pleasure and the honor to announce to you that we are establishing the "Paris Film Academy Awards". (The PFA Awards)

The Academy has for ultimate mission to encourage our members, partners and inspirational artists to continue to aspire, ascend and achieve always more in their craft.

The Awards are not limited to any nationality, ethnicity age or sexual orientation.

The PFA Awards focus on both individual performances and works of the entire ensemble of drama, comedy, web series or any other type of motion picture. These honors are fundamental to the spirit of the Paris Film Academy because they recognize that acting is a collaborative art.

There will be various categories of awards and special awards.

The winners will receive the statuette, officially called the Paris Film Academy Award or 'The Golden Eiffel'.

Paris Film Academy Awards - The Golden Eiffel


Eligible for the nominations in the Paris Film Academy 1st Awards are:

  • All Actors and Filmmakers, Members of the Academy.
  • Artists and Filmmakers that we found to be exceptionally inspirational.
  • All PFA Partners (Sponsors, Casting Directors and Agencies, Film Directors, Screenwriters, Producers, Editors, Non-profit Organizations, Production Companies and Media.
  • Acting Coaches who taught the Master Classes at the Academy and the attending Professional Actors.
  • Teen revelations.
  • Any work created by any of the above mentioned eligible parties, such as: feature movies, short movies, TV series, web series, documentaries, plays and one-men shows, books, websites, youtube channels, viral videos and any other achievements.

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