I want to thank the Paris Film Academy for hosting me in Paris for the wonderful class that I teach internationally, all over the world, called the Golden Box ! I teach actors here and in Los Angeles the true process of how to create a character from beginning to the end, how to script, analyse the script, and how to really understand what it takes to give a performance that could win an Academy Award.

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Michelle Danner Acting Coach

Thank you for inviting me! I love Paris. It is nice to be here and meet young french actors. Don’t forget that the casting directors are hoping that you will be exactly the person who will resolve their problem – to find the right actor for the part ! So don’t be afraid ! Go for it !

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Evan Handler Actor, Acting Coach

I am delighted to meet young, motivated and talented actors here at the The Paris Film Academy ! Me and my wife Tracy were excited to come to Paris and teach screenwriting through the Meisner Technique which is the best acting technique in my personal opinion. It is the first time we are teaching in Paris ! And it’s great ! We had such an amazing group of people ! I am surprised. I love the city ! We are looking forward to come back ! Thank you for having us.

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Mark Pellegrino Actor, Acting Coach

A massive thank you goes out to the Paris Film Academy who gave me one of the best welcoming parties ever! Special thank you goes out to Deliana Gergana Quievy for organizing the surprise for my visit to Paris! And also for almost missing my connecting flight back to LA!

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Nikita Bogoluybov Actor

The time I spent in the Paris Film Academy was very intense, a heightened reality. We first got the technique in point and then learned how to let go of it and go with the flow. It's scary but so liberating to learn the rules, and also learn how to break them. The classes in the Paris Film Academy helped me to be myself and dive deeper into my character. That was the experience I've always wanted. It was incredible.

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Peter Lamarque Actor

Paris Film Academy is an amazing place to meet, collaborate and work with talented and passionate artists. I haven't had a better opportunity to learn from experienced actors or coach than here at the PFA.

What's great about this association is that they not only give you tools to improve as an actor (with workshops for instance) but they also support you and encourage to write your own material. I've met great work partners but even greater friends here at Paris Film Academy. Thank you for everything.

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Manu Berthelot Actor

The Paris Film Academy is a newer organization which is doing a great job in supporting professional actors in creating their own pieces of art. It's also very open to the international community and it's providing tremendous support by helping us collaborate with fellow actors in the business. So, personally, I'm very excited, being a newcomer to Paris, to continue networking and collaborating in the upcoming projects in the Paris Film Academy.

Just for two weeks I felt a progress within myself which is crazy. We filmed ourselves every day and we saw the contrast from day one to the present moment. The Paris Film Academy is a safe environment that's very sacred and that's something quite rare to find in this industry.

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Lana Boy Ferron Actress

I felt very welcomed in the Paris Film Academy. Everybody's just so warm and thrusting. They were giving and honest and selfless and were so supporting of each other. It was a really talented group of people that just wanted to learn. I loved working with them and I can't wait to work with them in the future.

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Anthony Montes Acting Coach

While I was in LA, taking classes at the Studio 4, I saw an ad on Facebook about the Paris Film Academy. Since I was traveling to Paris soon, I thought that was the best way to keep the artistic energy and the flow of everything I learned in Hollywood going. I came here and I got exactly what I wanted. It was an amazing experience! It just feels like family here. The teachers are there for YOU, to help you become the best version of yourself. I met people that now are one of my closest friends. This is a fantastic place to explore yourself and become the actor you want to be.

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Mark Dujarric Actor

My experience at the Paris Film Academy has been extremely positive. I am an American who was studying abroad in Paris for a few years, and I had some training with film before, but I wanted to explore it more. I also wanted to do some acting outside of school.

One day I saw an advertisement for a Meisner Masterclass at the PFA. I immediately called Deliana who asked me to stop by to take a tour of the studio and talk. I felt so welcomed by her and decided to do the two week masterclass.

It was one of the best things I've ever done. I didn't speak very good French, but the other people who were taking the class wanted to work on their English, so we helped each other and I felt so welcomed and supported by everyone at PFA.

If I had stayed in Paris longer I would have loved to be more involved with such an amazing community. To this day I am still in contact with my friends from this class and I feel like if I ever go back I will have a community to return to. Their classes and teachers are fantastic, I am inspired by the talent that has emerged from the PFA, and I kept some great company while I was there.

I highly recommend for anyone, no matter what language you speak, this is an international community!! If you've never taken an acting class, if you're a study-abroad student, anything. Make your way over to the PFA and you will have an amazing experience.

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Chloe Simon Actress

Before I got the chance to study in the Paris Film Academy I had no idea I was able to do improvisation! Now, knowing how to concentrate on my partner, there are such interesting stories, created only by our connection. I learned to forget about thinking and controlling and just act. It's very freeing.

Meisner says in one of his books that words are just small boats on a river of emotions. Here, in the Paris Film Academy, we're learning how to find the right river of emotion to place our boats on. The teachers at the Paris Film Academy are amazing and they immediately create an intimacy in the classes. I remember the first day I just spit all my life out because I felt really comfortable and it was okay to feel vulnerable. I feel like I find my family here !I love you guys ! And I already miss you !

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Wilfred Capet Actor

The time I spent in the Paris Film Academy helped me become more confident. I learned how to be truthful and think less about the expectations of the audience.

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Elena Kizilova Cosson Actress

The Paris Film Academy offers a wide range of acting opportunities with leading international coaches. I was very satisfied with the different workshops that I attended. I felt the workshop durations, differing expertise of the coaches, and the variety of exercises in each workshop offered us the ability to stretch ourselves in our craft. Very friendly and dynamic staff !

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Jennifer Eversfield Actress

I am an extremely proud, active member of the Paris Film Academy. As an actress, producer and a student, I am thrilled to have found my artistic family ! The technique I've learned here had helped me be more personal with each line and access my deepest emotions.

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Samantha Liart Actress

I was impressed by the caliber of actors and talent that the Paris Film Academy is attracting is one of the main things that always makes me come back for more.

Everybody was incredibly professional and was able to create an excellent culture of focused work. So I had the ability to be safely vulnerable as an actor. Going through each exercise we were really learning the rules of film acting.

The first class I took at the Paris Film Academy was a two week Meisner technique intensive. It was so awesome that I came back from New York for round two of the Masterclasses.

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Cara Cruickshank Actress

This was my second time at the Paris Film Academy and I loved the experience so much! We became like a family ! I discovered a lot of sensations and emotions I didn't know I possessed. I just learned so much about myself in the classes. The Paris Film Academy creates an amazing group energy and even though we are so different, we create and grow together.

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Murièle Hanna Haddad Actress

I loved the atmosphere of thrust and creativity at the Paris Film Academy. This is my second time here and I'm definitely coming back for more. Most of the people from the first workshop came back like I did which was wonderful because we work so well together. This is a truly artistic, collaborative group.

My next project is going to New York for several months and I'm actually going there with people I met at the Academy. Amazing ! We also did a short movie together that is going on major festivals this year.

For the people that are still wondering if they want to be a part of the Paris Film Academy - take a free class! See how we work here, see our movies and videos, take a look at the website. From my experience this is the place to be. So...come to the Paris Film Academy!

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Cyril Perrin Actor

This experience has been amazing! I appreciated every second of it. It was thrilling, I feel so much more alive and free! Thanks to the Paris Film Academy, now when I get a script I will be able to break it down, emotionally prepare for it, relax and concentrate. All that together becomes confidence.

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Roxan Laberge Actress
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