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Chubbuck Technique

A 2-week Bilingual Acting Workshop

Chubbuck Technique

The Chubbuck Technique is used by Charlize Theron, Jake Gyllentaal, Hally Berry, Jessica Biel, Jared Leto, Beyonce and many other Hollywood celebrities.

Founded by Ivana Chubbuck who has been thanked in public at the Oscars for her contribution, this technique will teach you how to use your traumas, emotional pains, obsessions, needs, desires and dreams to fuel and drive your character in the pursuit of their ultimate objective. You will learn that the obstacles of your character’s life aren’t meant to be accepted but to be overcome in heroic proportions. In other words, this technique teaches actors how to win.

Eva Mendes - Chubbuck Paris

l believe the Chubbuck technique could be boiled down to, take the pain in your life andfind the most effective way to accomplish a goal with it. The most interesting aspect is that it helps you to understand humanity. What drives someone to do what they do. good or bad. That even someone who seems outwardly evil to the outside world, has a righteous reason to be who they are, and do what they do.

Halle Berry - Méthode Chubbuck

The Chubbuck technique's innovative methods of teaching both complement and rival those of the great teachers of the past. Her philosophy transcends what we once knew about the art, and forces actors through their own catharsis to discover authentic ways of bringing the complexity of life to the screen and stage.

Charlize Theron - Méthode Chubbuck

I finally went to a class in Los Angeles with this wonderful teacher, Ivana Chubbuck. Ivana taught me how to take my emotions and take everything that has happened in my life, and use it to make me an effective actor. The stakes have to be high — so it was really an interesting place for me to stand on my feet and fall on my face many times

Jessica Biel - Technique Chubbuck

The guesswork is gone. Finally. a book The Power of the Actor' that provides the nuts and bolts to acting, that shows me how to always be present, how to always have something going on behind my eyes and ultimately, that provides a concrete path for me to really discover and live a role.

Chubbuck Technique Press Kit

Acting Coach

Correy Parker - Chubbuck Technique Paris

Corey Parker

Corey Parker is a Hollywood actor who has worked with Mike Nichols, Sophia Loren, John Malkovich, Nicole Kidman, Susan Sarandon, Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, Christopher Walken and many others. He is a lifetime member of the Actors Studio in New York and Hollywood. Corey began training with Ivana Chubbuck in Hollywood in 1990. He is certified by Ms. Chubbuck to teach her technique. He was also trained by Uta Hagen, Herbert Berghof, Mira Rostova and Marat Yusim of the Moscow Art Theater. He was mentored by Susan Batson, to whom he introduced Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. He is also certified by Susan Batson and recommended by her to coach actors with her technique. As an acting coach, he has worked with Sean Combs, Patrick Dempsey, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Missoni, Scoot McNairy, Tony Award winner Annaleigh Ashford and others.

Corey Parker has been written about in Time magazine, Newsweek, the New York Times, New York magazine, New Yorker magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, the Christian Science Monitor, and Drama Logue. He combines his vast experience as an actor with his training to help actors become empowered in their choices and more confident in their work.


This workshop will be a 10-day intensive designed to bring Ivana Chubbuck’s book “The Power of the Actor” to life - from Monday 16th April to Friday 27th April 2018 at the Paris Film Academy. The Chubbuck Technique is meant to be applied in both acting on stage and acting for the camera.






Acting coach


Lifes changed


Corey Parker is a true artist. His intelligence, emotional life and creativity are formidable. It is Corey Parker who trusted me as a teacher and recommended me to Nicole Kidman whom I have coached for the past 20 years. I am returning the favor to all actors who seek great coaching. Take my advice and seize the opportunity to have a genuine genius to guide you on your path.

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Susan Batson Author of Truth, Acting coach

Corey Parker is someone who, with great perception, understands the workings of how to translate the truth of the human experience to the actor's work. Corey has vast credentials in having worked in all the mediums, as an actor, which also enriches his ability to pass along what it takes for an actor to create something special.

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Ivana Chubbuck Author of Power of the Actor

In this class I found the power to not back down. Corey helped me realize why my choices are not as specific as they can be. I can see now how I can get out of my head and into the action of the story, fighting for what I personally want. It's a much richer experience for myself and the audience!

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Mara Davi Actress

Corey impressed me not only with his credentials, but with the depth and quality of his observations. He provokes commitment and daring and honesty in your work that benefits you as an actor and as an individual. An invaluable experience worth repeating, Corey's class left me eager to hone my craft.

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Scott J Campbell Actor

I thank Corey from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to help us deepen our practice as actors. It is humbling and enlightening to work with him and I am so grateful.

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Leigh Bush Actress

Corey Parker's understanding of humanity and the craft of acting is astounding. He's masterful at serving the needs of the actor regardless of their skill set. He is incredible intuitive, sensitive and nurturing. I believe these to be essentia traits for an effective teacher and coach. Studying with Corey has always inspired me to start from a place of joy and love of acting, to dig deeper, to explore the boundless possibilities and to risk it all for my artist. I'm proud to call him teacher, mentor, brother and friend. He's the real deal.

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Shaun Baker Actor

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